martedì 4 agosto 2009

News and reviews

The famouse iPhone app review site, reviewed Star Ride, giving it a nice 4/5.
"Star Ride is a fun and rewarding game with a unique style and appearance. The hand drawn graphics are high quality and give the game loads of charm. The sounds are captivating and soothing. With all the cookie cutter Apps in the Store, Star Ride is a nice burst of fresh energy. If you like carefully crafted games with nice feel and pick up and play ability, Star Ride is a must have." also included Star Ride in its "10 essential iPhone games of the summer" chart. You can find the article here.
"A gently soothing oddity which requires you to propel a hand-drawn character into the night sky by leaping from star to star. The synth-laden music and twinkling sound effects lull you into an almost hypnotic state. Perfect for stressful commutes"

Stay tuned for news on the next update.

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